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by mike sparks

About Michael J. Sparks

Author, consultant, radio host and public speaker, Michael J. Sparks has been helping others in business, community and in politics for many years. Mike has a unique talent for creative problem-solving. Mike has been an outside the box thinker not only as an author and entrepreneur, but as a statesman as well. He has written three books, owned and operated several businesses.

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Learn To Barter

Author, Entrepreneur and Statesman Michael J. Sparks shares his advice and wisdom on how to Barter. Bartering has been around since the beginning of man, yet practiced by few. Learn to Barter...

How To Do More With Less During Tough Times

Author Michael J. Sparks shares his triumphs and trials and experiences as an entrepreneur, car dealer, statesman, father and husband of 25 years...

Car Business For Fun & Profit

Learn the Car Business for Fun & Profit will help you make better decisions when purchasing automobiles for fun and profit. Let veteran auto dealer Mike Sparks teach

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